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Call for reliable Heater replacement in Mesa AZ.
For Heater repair in Mesa AZ, like us on Facebook!
For Heater repair in Gilbert AZ, visit us on Google!
To schedule your Furnace installation in Chandler AZ, just email us!
see what your neighbors say about the Heater repair or installation we performed near Mesa AZ on Pinterest!
For Heater repair in Gilbert AZ, follow us on Twitter!
For Air Conditioning repleacement in Mesa AZ, watch our videos on YouTube.
John's Refrigeration is now hiring qualified Furnace technicians in Gilbert AZ.
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Call for reliable Heater replacement in Mesa AZ.
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John's Refrigeration is in your  community with our Gives Back program
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What is an energy audit?

Friday, January 8th, 2016

Are you seeing constant spikes in your electricity and/or heating bill? Have you ever questioned the efficiency of your heating system or the working order of your washer and dryer? If you’ve answered yes to both these questions, you should seriously think about having a professional conduct an energy audit in Gilbert AZ or wherever your home is located in the East Valley. The objective of an energy audit is to pinpoint places or parts of your home where you are losing energy.

At John’s Refrigeration, our energy audit process is both unique and comprehensive. The first part of our process is to schedule an appointment with the homeowner to talk about their concerns while asking questions about the home’s current energy efficiency.

After the initial meeting, the technician will inspect the entire property, including the ductwork, attic and/or crawlspace, the air conditioning and heating system, and the lighting and appliances.

Following the inspection, the technician will perform some tests to get reliable readings on the efficiency of the home. These tests show if the home has any energy leaks and helps determine if the home has positive or negative pressure.

Upon completion of the tests, we present the homeowner with our recommendations and provide a plan of action. A variety of issues can be the cause of inefficiencies in the home. Oftentimes we suggest an upgrade of appliances to Energy Star systems, but more times than not it tends to be a heating unitissue and that’s where we dig a little deeper.

John’s Five Step Home Efficiency Program

The box on the roof or exterior wall of your property has no function without proper ventilation; it’s just a box that blows hot or cold air, which is not efficient and offers little in the way of true comfort. If there are any gaps or repair work needed to the heating system, we have the experience and expertise to carry out the job through our five step process:

  1. Size and seal your duct system properly
  2. Fix pressure balance problems
  3. Fresh air & purification or filtration
  4. Balancing
  5. New HVAC equipment

For a full overview on our five step approach please take a look at this video.

Only by addressing all issues (i.e. steps one through five) can we truly help you live in a home that is safe, comfortable, and reliable – one that really works for you!

How can You tell when You Need a New Heating Installation?

Monday, March 30th, 2015

After going to all the trouble of selecting and installing a new heating system, no homeowner can be blamed for wanting that system to last as long as possible.

With proper care and maintenance, you can probably get your heater to last a couple of decades or more. No matter how well you take care of it, however, it will eventually reach the end of its life. When that happens, you should be able to recognize the signs. Read on to find out how you can tell when you need a new heating installation.

Repair Costs

Every heating system is going to need repairs at some point during its life. However, you really shouldn’t have to get your heater repaired more than once every year or two. That tends to change once your heating system gets past a certain age, though. As a heating system gets older, the parts that make it up begin to wear out. As each part wears out at a slightly different rate, you can end up with this cascade of part failures that results in your heating system needing repair every few months. If this happens, it’s a pretty good indication that you need an entirely new system.

Cost of Heating Goes Up

You’re going to experience slight fluctuations in your heating bill from month to month as your demand changes. If your heating bills start rising consistently, however, then you may have a problem with your heating system. That same wear and tear that can cause cascade failures in the system also causes the system as a whole to operate less efficiently. As efficiency goes down, the system has to stay operating for longer and longer to achieve the same results. This is why the cost of your heating will go up with an older system.


The general rule with heating systems is that if your heater is older than 15 years, it is time to think about replacing it. Even if the heating system itself is working fine, there are likely much more efficient heating systems on the market that could save you money. If your heating system is younger than 15 years, then you could probably squeeze a few more years out of it before it needs replacing.

If you think you need a new heating system, call Johns Refrigeration. We provide heating installation throughout Gilbert.

How Duct Sealing can improve Your Air Conditioning

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Ductwork is what makes centralized air conditioning possible. Without ducts, you would likely be stuck using fans and opening windows in order to cool your home on hot days. Though they are very important to the operation of central air conditioning systems, ducts are almost always neglected when it comes to required maintenance.

Let’s take a look at one of the biggest problems that ducts face, and how duct sealing can take care of it for you.

Duct Leaks

Ducts may seem pretty unlikely to develop any serious issues over the years. After all, they don’t have any moving parts. They just kind of sit there, providing a passage for cool air to travel to its destination. What could possibly happen to cause a major duct problem? Well, the biggest problems that ducts face is that of leaks, and they can happen all sorts of ways.

Improper installation can leave large gaps between the sections of ductwork. Animals can occasionally get into the ducts and tear holes in them trying to escape. Excessive moisture can cause sections of the duct to rust away, opening holes in the network. Even normal use can result in leaks, as the ducts expand and contract with the temperature of the air moving through them. This can eventually cause them to work themselves loose.

So, why are duct leaks such a big deal? Even though duct leaks are often small, they tend to add up very quickly. The US Department of Energy has estimated that the average forced air system loses as much as 30% of its output to duct leaks. That translates to a very large amount of the air conditioning that you’re paying for going to waste every time you turn the system on.

Duct Sealing

Duct sealing is the process of finding and closing any leaks that may be present in your home’s ducts. By doing this, your HVAC technician can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your electric bill. The better sealed your ducts are, the more efficient your air conditioning system will be. It is recommended that you have your ducts professionally sealed at least once every two years.

If you haven’t had your ducts sealed in at least that long, call Johns Refrigeration. We provide air conditioning services throughout the Gilbert area.

Don’t Wait for a Breakdown Before Scheduling Heating Repair

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

You listen to that strange sound as your heating system happens, but the heat still turns on – so the system is still ok, right?

Maybe not, and you probably don’t want to wait for a full breakdown on a cold January day to find out. It can be very tempting to refrain from calling for heating repair in Gilbert when your heater is still working, but allowing it to run with a potential problem is a risk. Here are some of the signs it may be time to call an expert from Johns Refrigeration for heating repair help:


No matter what type of system you have, if you smell an odd odor, it most likely points to a developing problem. Odors to be concerned about would be burning smells, the smell of fuel such as natural gas or oil or burning plastic are all items to be taken seriously. As soon as you smell anything strange coming from your heater, it’s time to call for assistance.


There are normal operational sounds for your heater, such as a whoosh at start-up or a click as the thermostat turns on and off. But sounds like buzzing, screeching, ticking or booming are not normal sounds. Should you hear sounds like this, call an expert for repair.

Low Heat

There are a lot of reasons that your system may not produce the amount of heating that you need. Depending on the type of system you have, low heat can be caused by air flow problems, refrigerant leaks, air lock or just plain damage somewhere. Low heat is a strong indication that your system isn’t working at the level it should be, so it’s best to call for a specialist.

More Damage to Your System

Waiting for your system to completely breakdown can cause even more problems as you wait. Problems tend to grow and spread, and if you wait long enough for repair, you may even incur some damage to your system.

If you are seeing or hearing any of the signs of heating problems, call Johns Refrigeration and schedule an appointment for heating repair in Gilbert.

Andrew John Nominated for Gilbert Chamber of Commerce Businessman of the Year

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

We are pleased to announce Andrew John has been nominated by the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce for the 2015 Businessman of the Year Award. He was nominated by the business community and the winner of this prestigious award will be selected by a nomination review panel of chamber peers. The nominees will be recognized and the winners of both categories (Businessman and Businesswoman of the Year) will be announced during a celebratory luncheon in January 2015.

John’s Refrigeration, under the leadership of Andrew John, supports Gilbert Chamber of Commerce efforts, including sponsorship of programs and events, support of referral networking partnerships, and promotion of the chamber within the community. Andrew currently serves as a Chamber Ambassador, welcoming new businesses to the chamber, and is a graduate of the Gilbert Leadership program.

Nominees for 2015 Businessman of the Year:
Tim Bricker, Dignity Health – Mercy Gilbert Medical Center
Andrew John – John’s Refrigeration
JW Rayhons – Rayhons Financial Solutions
Ralph Willett – Ralph Willett CPA
Tony Yantos – Wal-mart at SanTan Village

Nominees for 2015 Businesswoman of the Year:
Jasmine Holmes – 910 West
Elaine Kessler – Elaine Kessler Photography
Joan Krueger – Remax Solutions
Alissa O’Neil – Paradise Bakery & Cafe
Shanna Tingom – Edward Jones Investments
Stacey Waddell – 20 Volume Salon and Spa

Join us at the 2015 Businessman and Businesswoman of the Year Luncheon on January 28, 2015, where the winners will be announced. The event takes place 11am-2pm at the DoubleTree by Hilton Phoenix-Gilbert/San Tan Elegante Conference & Reception Center. General admission is $50; Gilbert Chamber of Commerce member admission is $35. For additional information, please contact Sarah at the chamber at 480-941-6322 or register online at http://www.gilbertaz.com.

What does being a family heating and cooling business mean to you?

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Being a family heating and cooling business means more than just running a business with family members. Simply stated, being a family business means we care about our community and customers as if they were our own friends and family.

Customer Satisfaction

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee to all customers, as well as a lifetime workmanship guarantee. We aren’t happy with our work until our customers are happy with our work.

Local Customer Service

When was the last time you called an 800-number and spoke to a live person? It has probably been a while or at least a trek through automated responses before you could talk to someone. At John’s Refrigeration, we are dedicated to providing local customer service. When you call our office during business hours, you will speak directly with a member of our local office. Working with you, they will help get your questions answered and problems solved.

Choose Local When You Can

Choosing John’s Refrigeration means you’re choosing to work with a locally owned business; supporting the local economy. According to Local First Arizona, for every $100 spent with a locally owned company, $73 stays in the area, compared to only $43 when purchasing from a big box or other non-local business.

Community Investment

Your community is our community. As a member of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce, we are dedicated to supporting the Gilbert and Mesa communities through business networking and charitable events. We’re also dedicated to hiring people from within our community and understand the value of local hiring to stimulate job growth and the local economy.

Being a family heating and cooling business goes beyond hiring our loved ones. It means we have the opportunity to serve the community and help each of our local businesses grow. Thank you for choosing local!

John’s Refrigeration Nominated for the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year

Friday, June 13th, 2014

We are pleased to announce we have been nominated by our peers for the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year for mid-sized business.

The Chamber recognizes a member in this category with 11-49 employees who has experienced progressive sales or market growth over the last three years, provides unique product, overcame an unusual challenge, executed a dramatic turnaround, and/or provides outstanding customer service.

We are in great company with these fellow members also nominated in this category:

  • 20 Volume Salon and Spa
  • A Child’s Place at the Ranches
  • Bushtex, Inc.
  • Hyatt Place Phoenix-Gilbert
  • Re/Max Solutions

We are proud members of the chamber and appreciate the support of our peers. As members we have the unique opportunity to connect with local businesses to learn how we can help each other and grow the community.

At John’s Refrigeration we pride ourselves on customer service and top quality products. In 2013 we were the recipients of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce Family Business of the Year award and we are proud to be nominated once again.

The Eighth Annual Business Awards Luncheon takes place June 18, 2014 11am – 1pm at the Doubletree by Hilton Phoenix-Gilbert SanTan Elegante Resort & Conference Center. The event is open to the public. General admission is $50 and $35 for Chamber members. Register online athttp://business.gilbertaz.com/events/details/annual-business-awards-luncheon-1213.

School is Out for Summer in Gilbert: Fun Ways to Stay Cool

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

School is out for the summer, which means mom and dad are trying to find ways to entertain the kids while staying cool. The Gilbert and Mesa areas bring many opportunities to do just that. From trampoline parks to discounted movies, museums, and aquariums, there’s no shortage of things to do this summer.

  1. One of the best places to stay cool in the summer is the movie theater. The Dickinson Free Summer Movie Series is happening in Mesa and Goodyear in June and July on select dates. Bring your Harkins cups for $1.25 refills. Speaking of Harkins, they are running the popular Summer Movie Fun with discounted ticket prices, 10 movies over 10 weeks for kids at less than $1 per movie.
  2. Stay indoors and learn at a number of the local museums, including the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, Arizona Science Center, and more when you take advantage of the Culture Pass program. Use your library card to get FREE and discounted passes to a number of museums across the Valley.
  3. Explore the ocean world at SEA LIFE Arizona, the aquarium at the Arizona Mills Mall. Learn who (and what) lives at the bottom of the ocean floor and get a closer look at seahorses, starfish, sharks, rays, and more. Receive a discount when you purchase tickets online.
  4. Enjoy fun in the sun and water when you experience Salt River Tubing with friends and family. Use sunscreen and bring lots of water for the summer adventure. Group rates are available.
  5. For indoor games and rides, check out Amazing Jakes in Mesa.
  6. If bowling and laser tag are more your style, take the kids to FlipSide in Gilbert. They call themselves “the awesomestbowling alley & family entertainment center” and will not disappoint.
  7. And when the kids (or you) are going a bit stir crazy, check out the jump parks Jumpstreet or Xtreme Air in Chandler for a hopping good time.

Enjoy the fun while staying cool and let us know where you are spending time with the family this summer!

John’s Refrigeration Nominated For Award

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Gilbert Chamber of Commerce Nominated John’s Refrigeration

for Business of the Year

Gilbert, AZ – The Gilbert Chamber of Commerce has released its list of nominees for the 2014 Business of the Year Award and John’s Refrigeration is up for medium sized (over 20 employees) Business of the Year! Each year several businesses are nominated on the basis of employee satisfaction, customer service, and community involvement. John’s Refrigeration has exemplary status in all three categories.

The Eighth Annual Business Awards Luncheon, presented by American Furniture Warehouse, will be held on Wednesday, June 18th from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the DoubleTree by Hilton Phoenix-Gilbert & San Tan Elegante Conference Center in Gilbert. General admission is $50; Chamber member admission is $35. To view a complete list of nominees for this year’s awards, please visit http://tinyurl.com/p5pawzf.

Since 1970, John’s has offered a full range of air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality and home energy services to customers in and around the East Valley. Their commitment to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction influences every decision they make. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all services, the technicians are NATE–certified with clean drug tests and background checks. The result is an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, 2011 and 2013 Angie’s List Super Service Awards, and a 2013 Gilbert Chamber of Commerce Family Business of the Year award. Their business has grown over the last 30+ years largely on referrals, because their customers enjoy working with an HVAC contractor that provides them with the quality of service that they deserve.

# # #

If you would like more information about this event or to schedule an interview with Jasmine Holmes, please call 817-845-1596 or email Melissa Perkins at melissa@910west.com.

Why Dripping Water Is a Problem With Your Air Conditioner

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

You need a reliable cooling system when summer rolls around, and here in Gilbert, AZ, air conditioning systems are as common as televisions and refrigerators in most homes. It behooves you to check your system for potential problems regularly and more importantly, to understand which signs indicate a need to summon a repair service. Dripping water, for instance, may not seem like a major cause for concern, but it can often indicate a significant issue.

Here’s Why Dripping Water Is a Problem with Your Air Conditioner

Dripping water usually stems from one of two serious issues. The first is a build-up of ice on your evaporator coils, representing lost cooling potential and insulating the refrigerant from the air it is supposed to cool. That’s usually caused by a loss of refrigerant, which needs to be corrected before it can cause even bigger problems.

A second cause can come from problems with the condensate pan, which collets condensation from the system and moves it safely out of your air conditioner. If the line gets clogged or the pan itself is misaligned, the water could overflow and create puddles on the ground.

In both of these situations, the dripping water constitutes a significant threat to the system. Air conditioners utilize a number of electrical components, including the condenser motor and fan motor. Dripping water can short them out, shutting your system off and necessitating some very expensive replacement parts. The good news is that a qualified AC repair technician can usually fix the problems before they get out of hand, either by sealing the leak, recharging the refrigerant, unclogging the drain line or fixing the misaligned pan.

That means, however, that you need to understand why dripping water is a problem with your air conditioner, and respond appropriately when you spot it. Air conditioning repair services in Gilbert, AZ are provided by the cooling experts at Johns Refrigeration. We pride ourselves on efficient service and our trained technicians know how to get to the bottom of any problems quickly. Contact us today to set up a repair appointment. You’ll be glad you did!

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