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Call for reliable Heater replacement in Mesa AZ.
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see what your neighbors say about the Heater repair or installation we performed near Mesa AZ on Pinterest!
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John's Refrigeration is now hiring qualified Furnace technicians in Gilbert AZ.
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Call for reliable Heater replacement in Mesa AZ.
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Category: Air Conditioning Service pg. 7

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Air Conditioning Repair in Gilbert AZ: Heat wave problems that could have been prevented

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

With temperatures already reaching over 110, a/c units in need of repair are starting to strain to cool our homes. If there’s another heat wave like we had during 2013, things could get even worse. Before you need to call John’s Refrigeration Heating and Cooling for your air conditioning repairs in Gilbert, AZ this summer, consider preventive maintenance so that you and your family are cool all summer long.


In the Southwestern United States in late June/early July last year, seven people died in the Arizona desert from dehydration and exhaustion due to the intense heat when temperatures hit 120°. In fact, it was so hot here that tigers at the Phoenix zoo were served frozen fish treats and butterflies were found collapsed on the pavement due to the high temperatures. Mesquite trees even close their leaves to protect themselves during extended periods of extreme heat, though mesquites are native to the desert.

Keeping you’re a/c unit maintained means you won’t have to worry about it shutting down when temperatures rise to uncomfortable levels. Although it’s great to have a reliable HVAC company like John’s to call when you need a/c repairs or even a new unit, it would be even better if you didn’t need to call them at all and could just not even worry about problems like your air conditioning not working.

If you are not fond of frozen fish treats and you prefer not to collapse on burning pavement, perhaps you should think about calling John’s Refrigeration to make sure your HVAC unit is running at maximum efficiency. Even our name sounds refreshing with temperatures this high.

How to Set Your Air Conditioner During Summer Vacation

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Now that temperatures in Mesa, AZ are reaching 110° and higher, some homeowners might be thinking about vacationing in cooler climates…like Alaska. If your family is planning a trip away, or maybe even just a couple of long weekends to escape the desert heat, you might want to think about investing in aprogrammable thermostat.

Using a programmable thermostat in your home is one of the easiest and least expensive actions you can take to save energy and money. A programmable thermostat is designed to adjust the temperature in your home according to the way you use your home. You can set it to cool your home (or warm it in the winter) while you are actually in it – like when you come home at the end of a work day.

You wouldn’t want to turn your air conditioning completely off in the summer, but setting the temperature on your thermostat as high as 85° while you’re away will save both energy and money. Why 85° ? Because many items such as plants, wood floors, furniture, and candles can be ruined at higher temperatures. Your utility bills won’t have to keep rising with the temperatures, especially if you’re not at home.

The purpose of a vacation is to relax and not allow everyday worries to stress us out. Keeping energy costs under control can reduce stress levels the same way that using a programmable thermostat can reduce your utility bills.

There are many ways to save energy and money during the heat of the summer and John’s is available to help you out.

Why Low Refrigerant is a Problem in Your Air Conditioner

Monday, June 9th, 2014

Your air conditioner relies on refrigerant to do its job: cycling through various valves and coils, and cooling your air in the process. Refrigerant varies by type and needs to be applied in a set amount unique to your specific model of air conditioner in order to function the way it should. When those levels drop – such as when a leak springs up in the system – it can severely affect your system’s performance. The good news is that services that handle air conditioning in Phoenix usually have a lot of experience in sealing leaks and recharging refrigerant levels.

Here’s A Brief Outline on Why Low Refrigerant Is a Problem in Your Air Conditioner

In simplest terms, the lowered refrigerant levels mean that inadequate amount of refrigerant enter the evaporator coils to complete the cooling process. As a result, frost and ice will form on the surface of the coils, which creates three specific problems:

  1. The ice represents lost cooling potential, stuck inside the air conditioner instead of being blown into your home. The more ice you see, the more cool temperatures are being lost instead of going where they need to.
  2. The ice forms an insulating layer between the coolant inside the coils and the air that needs to get cooled. The more it goes on, the harder the system has to work to cool the air, and the more energy it will use in the process.
  3. Melting. When the ice melts, it could damage other sensitive components in the system. Most AC units have a condensate pan to catch condensation from the coils, but the presence of excess ice could cause an overflow, which is a significant problem.

If you understand why low refrigerant is a problem in your air conditioner, you also understand that you need a pro to fix it. Simply scraping the ice off won’t work (and may damage the coils in the process). Here at John’s Refrigeration, we handle all kinds of problems related to air conditioning in Phoenix, and we know how to properly treat low refrigerant levels. Pick up the phone and give us a call today. You’ll be glad you did!

Tips for Air Conditioning Savings

Friday, June 6th, 2014

FUN FACT: The amount of energy the United States uses every year to power our air conditioners is about the same amount of energy consumed by the entire continent of Africa.

With record temperatures approaching in the Valley of the Sun, most people are running their air conditioning units morning, noon, and night. This is the time of year when our utility bills rise higher than the mercury in thermometers. There are ways where air conditioning savings can be incorporated into your busy lifestyle, though, saving you both money and energy.

Here are ten things you can do now to start saving:

  1. Don’t allow the sun’s rays to make it into your home. Keep your windows covered with curtains that block out the heat so the interior of your home stays cool.
  2. Set your thermostat as high as comfortably possible. The smaller the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your utility bill will be.
  3. Avoid setting your thermostat at an abnormally lower setting when you turn on you’re a/c, as it won’t cool your home any faster and could cause mechanical problems with your HVAC unit.
  4. Turn your ceiling fans on only in rooms where people are present, which creates a wind chill effect, and enjoy up to 4° cooler temps in those spaces. Ceiling fans should be turning counter-clockwise during the hotter months.
  5. Install efficient lighting, like CFLs or LEDs, which run cooler than traditional incandescent light bulbs.
  6. Caulk around windows and use weather stripping around doors to prevent hot air from entering your home.
  7. Turn the temperature of your water heater to 120°, which also helps you avoid being scalded.
  8. Line dry clothes instead of using the dryer after washing them to avoid heating up your home.
  9. Replace a/c filters monthly to optimize efficiency and keep your home cool through the extreme heat of our desert summers.
  10. Have your ductwork checked for leaks, which can account for 25% of cooling costs.

Scheduling regular maintenance for your cooling equipment will also keep your air conditioning system running optimally. John’s can help you keep comfortable all year long by examining your ductwork and checking your whole house for air balancing issues (if you have certain rooms which are warmer or cooler than others). Just Call John’s for all your HVAC needs.

How to Prepare for a New Air Conditioner

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

If you are planning to have new air conditioning system installation in Mesa, AZ, you won’t have to worry about doing too much work—provided that you’ve hired a professional and experienced heating and cooling company to take care of the actual installation. You need professionals to do this work so that it goes smoothly and leaves you with a system that works properly and problem-free for many years.

There are some steps you can take to prepare for the new AC that will help you receive the most from it. These tasks also require work from professionals, but if you call Johns Refrigeration, we can handle all of them… no need for other contractors! Best of all, we have more than 40 years of experience with installation, so you’ll know that you’re receiving quality work.

Make sure the new AC is properly sized

“Sizing” is the process of finding out how powerful an AC is necessary for a space without wasting energy or short-cycling. An AC that is too large is as much a problem as one that is too small. Experts will perform a heat load calculation to determine how much heat enters a home and how much the appliances and lights inside generate. Once the specialists have determined the heat load, they will know the ideal size air conditioner to install.

Have an energy audit performed

An energy audit determines places where your home is wasting energy. It analyzes the energy-efficiency of the whole house and pinpoints places where energy is lost. The audit will locate the spots where heat enters and escapes, and using this information, the auditors can tell you how you can bolster the insulation. Better insulation means an AC that will need to work less. An audit will help you achieve greater savings with your future air conditioner.

Schedule any necessary duct repairs

An energy audit will also locate spots where there are leaks in your home’s ventilation system. Leaky vents are a major enemy of air conditioners, since they reduce air pressure, cut into airflow, bring heat into the shafts, and can lead to contamination infiltrating the cabinet. Sealing up the duct breaks will make certain that your new air conditioner works at its best.

You can entrust all these tasks to Johns Refrigeration. We will take care of sizing the new AC as a standard part of the installation, and we handle performing audits and duct sealing and repair. Once your air conditioning installation in Chandler, AZ is finished, you can always rely on us for excellent repairs and the necessary maintenance that will keep your new cooling system running for many years.

Tips for Keeping Pets Cool in the Summer

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Our pets are just like us. From water to shade and air conditioning, it’s important to keep your furry pals comfortable with shade, water, and air conditioning.


Here are some tips for keeping pets cool in the summer:

  1. Water: Just as we can get dehydrated, so can your dog or cat, especially in the heat of the summer. Try your best to not leave your pet outside for long periods of time. If you do need to leave them outside, leave enough water, maybe a full kiddie pool, and access to a shaded area where your dog can cool off.
  2. The Car: Never leave a pet in the car, even for a few minutes. Just as children can become overheated quickly, so can your pet. If you see an animal alone in a parked vehicle, call the police.
  3. Exercise: Limit your pet’s exercise on the most extreme weather days. In addition to getting dehydrated like we can, your dog can burn its paws on the hot concrete. Consider getting booties for your pet and walking them after dark or before dawn to prevent damage to their pads.
  4. Signs and Places: If your dog is panting or isn’t recovering quickly after being outside, give them ice and water to help them cool from the inside out, as well as a cool place to lay. Be sure that at all times your dog has the opportunity to be indoors, even if it’s just one area of your home, and provide cool places where they can rest, such as on a tile floor.
  5. Breed: Be especially conscious of the impact of heat on your breed of pet. Some breeds can take longer to cool off after time outside while others can’t take the heat at all. Provide the proper environment to suit your pet’s needs especially in the heat of the summer.

At John’s Refrigeration, we’re dedicated to keeping the entire family comfortable, including your pets. For information about services we offer, please contact us today.

Why our Technicians are NATE Certified…and Why It Matters

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

When you have a technician come into your home, you want to know they are experts in their field. You want to know they can solve your problem and create comfort in your home.

At John’s Refrigeration, we are pleased to say that our technicians receive ongoing education, including NATE certification. Our NATE certified technicians are the best in the HVAC field because they have taken the time and effort to learn about the equipment on which they are working.

What is NATE certification?

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification is a requirement for all of the technicians at John’s Refrigeration. Our team learns about the installation and maintenance of HVAC equipment so they can answer your questions, and install and fix equipment in a cost-effective and knowledgeable manner.

What’s the history of NATE?

Unhappy with customer callbacks and costly equipment returns, HVAC manufacturers came together to teach the best ways to install and service their equipment. Their goal was to make the process more efficient. From industry knowledge of installation to proper maintenance of equipment, a NATE certified technician has the knowledge to work on a variety of equipment, including:

  • Air conditioning
  • Air distribution
  • Heat pumps
  • Gas heating
  • Oil heating
  • Commercial refrigeration

They are trained to install, diagnose, and fix equipment to the highest efficiency standards.

Why it Matters

We want our technicians to be able to offer the highest quality service to our customers. John’s Refrigeration is dedicated to providing comfort to you, your family, and pets by ensuring optimal temperature, clean air, and energy efficiency. NATE certification is just one of the ways we accomplish this goal.

To learn more about our technicians and services, please contact us today.

Related websites:

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) official website

How Much Does Efficiency Matter with New Air Conditioners?

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

“Energy-efficiency” is one of the key phrases heard when it comes to modern appliances. We live in an era in which people want the devices they use on a daily basis to work well without putting an undue drain on energy resources. Technological progress has increasingly pushed to reduce the amount of power that machines need to work effectively, and today we have many choices for high efficiency systems for our home.

Like air conditioners.

The efficiency of an air conditioner is easy to discover: it’s listed as SEER, “seasonal energy efficiency rating,” a measure calculated from the ratio of the cooling power of an AC (in BTUs, British Thermal Units) to the energy consumed (in watt-hours) averaged over a season. The higher the SEER, the more efficiently it converts electrical power into cooling.

When you are looking for new air conditioning in Tempe, AZ, you will need to consider SEER as well as other factors. Johns Refrigeration can help you make the ideal choice for your home, and we will install your new system so it works its best for you. Contact us today to set up an appointment or request an estimate.

Efficiency is important for your energy budget

The most important information that SEER tells you is how it will save you money over a season of cooling. A system with more than 14.5 SEER qualifies for the ENERGY STAR label from the U.S. EPA and is considered an excellent choice for saving money. The higher the number, the more you can expect to save during a season.

Efficiency is important for service life

If an air conditioner has high efficiency, then it puts less pressure on its components in order to run. This means it will last longer on average than comparable systems with lower SEER. When you invest in a high SEER air conditioning system, you are making a long-term commitment to energy savings.

Efficiency in not important for cooling power

This is where people sometimes make a mistake: just because a unit has high SEER doesn’t mean it is automatically the best choice. Aside from high SEER air conditioners costing more, they may not actually provide enough cooling for a home. Energy-efficiency only measures the ratio of cooling power to energy consumed; a system can very efficiently make use of power, and yet still not produce the amount of cooling needed to evenly condition a house. You must balance SEER with other factors in your home so that you have the perfect air conditioning in Tempe, AZ that cools you down and saves money.

Let the NATE-certified technicians at Johns Refrigeration handle your air conditioning installation. We will make sure that we put in a system with the best balance of SEER and other important factors.

Why You Should Also Replace Your Thermostat with New Air Conditioning Installation

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

It’s easy to think of the thermostat as a separate system from the air conditioner. You can have a new air conditioner installed and still keep the older thermostat in place, and vice versa. However, a thermostat plays an important role in air conditioning operation, and unless it’s kept up to date with a new AC, it can lead to a loss in efficiency and cooling. When the time has come to replace an old and ailing air conditioner, you should arrange to have a new thermostat installed with it.

For the quality air conditioning installation service in Chandler, AZ, that will take care of all the steps, from picking the replacement unit to hooking up a new thermostat, trust to Johns Refrigeration. We have served homes with excellent AC and heating since 1970.

The Importance of Installing a New Thermostat

A thermostat can make or break an air conditioner. Only a small fault in the thermostat’s operation will mean an AC that turns on and off at the wrong time, or short-cycles and drains excess power. Although you may not notice anything wrong at first, a malfunctioning thermostat will begin to raise your cooling bills and put extra strain on the AC, leading to repairs and a shortened lifespan.

In the same way that a malfunctioning thermostat negatively affects an air conditioner, an outdated thermostat will limit an updated AC. The situation might not be as extreme, but you will end up getting far less of what you paid for from your new cooling system if you have a thermostat that cannot control it with the necessary precision.

It’s especially important to upgrade your thermostat if you still have a manual model. Manual models do not have the precision settings of digital models, and they cannot be programmed. If you move up to a digital programmable model, or even to a Wi-Fi-enabled one, you’ll have a level of control over your new air conditioner that will help you receive the most from it.

Finally, choosing to have thermostat installation done during air conditioning installation streamlines the process. It’s easier for technicians to take care of the two jobs together than to wire up a new thermostat later. You will need to update the thermostat eventually—particularly if you have a manual or non-programmable digital model—so have the work taken care of all at once.

At Johns Refrigeration, we offer full thermostat replacement service that we can perform in connection with your air conditioning installation. If you don’t plan to have a new AC put in but would like to have a new thermostat, we are happy to help with that as well. Call us today to find out what we can do to make your home more comfortable this summer.

Choose the Best for Air Conditioner Repair in Chandler

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Summer is heating up. If your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home the way you want it to, it might be time to call John’s Refrigeration. We provide air conditioner repair in Chandler and across the Valley. And it’s better than the rest. In fact, we provide red carpet treatment.

What do you think when you hear the phrase red carpet treatment for air conditioner repair, Chandler?

You probably scratch your head and wonder what the red carpet has to do with cooling your home!

When our technician arrives at your home, you can rest assured you’re getting the highest quality service. Before your appointment, you will receive an email that includes the time of your appointment. When he arrives, he will be in a John’s Refrigeration vehicle, wearing a John’s Refrigeration uniform, and will show you his identification before he enters your home.

Next, we literally roll out a red carpet and cover our shoes.

We ask you what is happening in your home that made you call us for air conditioner repair. Working with you, we review the HVAC system, diagnose the problem, and present solutions.

What makes our technicians the best?

  1. Licensed and Insured: Your peace of mind, safety, and protection mean everything to us. We will show you our $2 million policy so you know we’re serious.
  2. Education: Our technicians take part in ongoing training and education so they understand the latest HVAC trends and technology.
  3. Guarantee of Work Quality: We offer a 100% money-back guarantee to all customers as well as a lifetime workmanship guarantee. We don’t rest until our customers are happy with our work.
  4. Solutions-oriented: We aren’t going to tell you there’s a problem when there isn’t one. We’re dedicated to finding solutions to your family’s needs and expectations. It is important to us for our customers to be in a safe, healthy, and comfortable home environment.
  5. Above and beyond: We understand the needs of your family go beyond having hot and cool air in your home at the appropriate times of year. A customized comfort system for your home is about more than switching out the HVAC box.

If you’re looking for a team dedicated to red carpet service and solutions to air conditioner repair, replacement, and maintenance, Just Call John’s Refrigeration!

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