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Call for reliable AC replacement in Mesa AZ.
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To schedule your Air Conditioner installation in Chandler AZ, just email us!
see what your neighbors say about the AC repair or installation we performed near Mesa AZ on Pinterest!
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For Ductless AC repleacement in Mesa AZ, watch our videos on YouTube.
John's Refrigeration is now hiring qualified Air Conditioner technicians in Gilbert AZ.
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Category: Heating pg. 6

Category: Heating pg. 6

Archive for the ‘Heating’ Category

Don’t Let Heating Repairs Wait

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Winter is starting to wind down, and your heater is likely to feel a lot less pressure to perform in the coming weeks. Here in Mesa, heating repair services are kept quite busy handling breakdowns and other emergencies while people’s heaters were running every day. As the temperatures warm up, those crises will slowly abate, which ironically means it’s a great time to deal with lingering heating issues that you’ve been able to put off before now. Don’t let heating repairs wait, especially with the summer season on its way.

The biggest reason is the one already intimated above: as the need for emergency repairs abate, you have the flexibility and luxury to schedule repairs at your leisure. A breakdown in the middle of heating season basically puts you at the mercy of the weather, since you need to get it fixed before things get too cold in your house. With temperatures warming, you can afford to put your heater on hold during the time it takes to get it fixed, which means you can set up a schedule that works well with your busy life.

Furthermore, the longer you let heating repairs wait, the greater the chances of your heater experiencing a more serious breakdown. Dirt and dust accumulate over the summer, increasing friction during those periods when you need to use the heater and generally contributing to overall wear and tear. Even if you don’t use the heater at all over the summer, the neglect could exacerbate the problem, making or a more costly repair when the time comes to finally deal with it. Getting the issue taken care of sooner can avoid all of that, and ensure that your heater is in good shape next season without you having to be concerned.

If you live in Mesa, heating repair is inevitable, and the spring makes the perfect time to address it in a flexible and responsible manner. Don’t let heating repairs wait. Call the Mesa. AZ heating repair experts at Johns Refrigeration to schedule a session today. Our trained staff is dedicated to your complete satisfaction and we’ll get your heating back into shape as quickly as possible!

App-Accessible Thermostats

Friday, March 14th, 2014

The ability to control your thermostat from just about anywhere is one of those conveniences that, once you have, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without. In order to control your home’s thermostat remotely, though, you need to download an app onto your smart phone or other mobile device. The app is free to install and not only very functional, but can save you a lot of money on your utility bill, too.


App-accessible thermostats are great for when you are away from home for spring break, a long weekend, or a vacation of any length. Being able to remotely control the temperature in your house when you are away from it means being able to take control of the amount of money you still have to pay your utility company even when you are not at home.

Installing an app-accessible thermostat should be done by a professional because of the electrical knowledge required to safely connect this appliance. These pre-programmable, app-accessible thermostats represent one of the most sophisticated and innovative items on the market today. Its high level of accessibility, usability, and convenience when paired with a mobile device makes it a product too handy to overlook.

This type of thermostat works with most HVAC systems, but it’s a good idea to contact a reputable company like John’s Refrigeration Heating and Cooling to ensure that it is compatible. One of John’s N.A.T.E. certified technicians will review your HVAC system and install and program one of these state-of-the-art thermostats so you can vacation without worrying whether you turned the a/c down or the heat off. We want you to have no trouble Setting Your Thermostat When You Are Away and enjoy your much deserved break from everyday life.

3 Causes of Heating Repair in AZ

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

If you’ve lived in Arizona for more than a year, you know that it isn’t always sunny and pleasant here. The winter months can bring some chilly nights. A properly working home heating system is essential for your year-round comfort. When your heater starts to show signs of a malfunction, you need to call forprofessional heating repair service in Mesa, AZ before you lose your toasty warm home.

Johns Refrigeration has worked on heaters in Arizona since 1970, and we have experience with how heating systems can become damaged and require repair. Here are three of the main reasons that a heater might need to have professional attention to get it working right again:

  1. Dirty heat pump coils: During the heating season, the outdoor unit of your heat pump operates as an evaporator, absorbing heat and then moving it indoors. If the coils begin to become dirty—which is common if the area around the outdoor unit isn’t properly cleared—it will block the heat absorption. This leads to icing along the coil, which will further block the heat absorption and could cause the heat pump to completely lose the ability to provide you with heating. Call for professionals to remove the coils and clean them. (Just scraping off the ice isn’t enough.)
  2. Clogged air filters: The dry and dusty desert air of Arizona means a lot of little particles can end up drawn into your heating system’s ventilation shafts. An air filter is positioned to catch these contaminants, but if the filter is not changed out regularly, it will start to allow debris to get inside your furnace or heat pump and cause damage to the components that will require repairs. Make sure you change your air filter once a month.
  3. Lack of regular maintenance: Your heater, no matter its type or age, should have heating maintenance done once a year. Fall is the usual time, but you can schedule during any season if you have neglected it for more than a year. A heater without maintenance will be prone to breakdowns as its parts wear down and suffer damage. With regular maintenance, the unit with receive the cleaning, tune-ups, and replacements necessary to keep repairs away.

You can never make your heating system 100% repair-proof—complex machinery is always at risk of a malfunction—but you can avoid the majority of repairs your system may need with the proper care and attention. Contact Johns Refrigeration to sign up for our maintenance plan so you can avoid future repairs. But should you need heating repair in Mesa, AZ, you can count on us to bring you the quality work to get the job done right.

Home Heating Safety & Health

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Home heating safety and the health of your family are important to the team at John’s Refrigeration. Not only do we create comfort in your home, we want you to be safe. Two of the biggest safety issues are house fires and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.


The United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) estimates that more than 2,500 people die and 12,600 suffer injuries in house fires annually.

Did you know? Carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the leading causes of poisoning. That is due in part to it being an odorless, colorless gas that can enter the home in a variety of ways. From your water heater or gas range to your car parked in the garage, CO can harm your family.

There are stories of families who thought they had the flu. They found out later they were suffering from CO poisoning. The symptoms are similar – dizziness, headache, body aches, nausea, and vomiting. If you believe you are experiencing CO poisoning, get out of the home and to a hospital.

Because it is difficult to detect, we recommend installing a commercial grade CO alarm to warn you of increased CO levels in your home. The commercial grade CO monitors that we install are much more sensitive than the ones available at your hardware store.  CO alarms should be placed low to the ground outside bedrooms and in common areas. In addition, we recommend installing smoke detectors in similar areas up on the ceilings.

To prevent a fire in your home, we recommend the following:

  • Don’t use a portable generator or charcoal grill in an enclosed area, such as a garage or inside the home.
  • Even when temperatures dip toward freezing, don’t use a gas stove to heat your home. Seek community services offered to people who lack proper heating in their homes.
  • When using a wood fireplace or stove, practice caution. Leaving a fire burning when you fall asleep is a risk for a larger home fire.

Your family’s health and comfort are our priority. We offer annual inspections and servicing of HVAC systems. Contact us for additional information about smoke detectors, CO alarms, and the many services offered by John’s Refrigeration.

Consider the AFUE Rating When Planning Heating Installation

Monday, February 17th, 2014

In Mesa, AZ, heating installation services need to be familiar with a wide variety of options for their clients. Chief among them is the unit’s AFUE ratings, which stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. It’s a measure of how efficiently the heater does its job, which can pay huge dividends once your new heater is up and running. You need to consider the AFUE rating when planning heating installation because it can make a big difference in how your heater performs later on down the line.

The rating is measured as a percentage, derived from a fairly simple formula. It’s simply the total amount of energy the heater uses when it runs divided by the amount of energy it uses to actually heat the home. For example, if your heater uses 100,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) of energy during its operation and generates 80,000 BTUs worth of heat, it would have an AFUE rating of 80%. The higher the rating, the more energy is being used to heat your home instead of being lost to waste or inefficiency. Naturally, heaters with a higher AFUE rating tend to cost more for the initial installation than those with a lower AFUE. You also tend to get a higher AUE with a new heater than an older one: a good reason to invest in a new unit if your current heater is laboring.

Beyond that, you need to balance your current budget with the anticipated savings of a unit with a high AFUE rating. The higher rated the system, the move it will save you in monthly costs over the years, especially in places with warm climates that don’t require heating year ‘round. Depending upon the specifics, the long-term savings might actually pay for the better unit and then some. As always, it pays to look at your specific circumstances and then do the math with a trusted advisor who knows the ins and outs.

In Mesa AZ, heating installation services can be performed by Johns Refrigeration, and we can consider the AFUE rating when planning heating installation with you. We’ll ensure that you get the best and most efficient unit for your circumstances and our installation of that unit will be second to none. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!

What is a Home Air Cleaner?

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Clean air in your home not only means having to dust less often, but being able to breathe easier. Indoor air is often dirtier than outside air if your HVAC unit and its ductwork aren’t properly installed and maintained. Poor indoor air quality can cause or contribute to the development of infections and asthma. It can also cause headaches, eye, nose, throat, and respiratory irritation, coughing, difficulty concentrating, sensitivity to odors, muscle pain, and fatigue.


One of the best ways to improve the quality of air in your home is to remove those contaminants with a whole home air cleaner, such as an air filtering or air purification system. John’s Refrigeration Heating and Cooling offers several solutions to your air quality problems. Our air filters and air purifiers are installed in your home’s ductwork where they can interact with the optimal amount of air.

John’s offers several home air cleaner services like our Filtered Fresh Air System, air filtering, air purification, duct repair and replacement. These types of services are designed to prevent contaminants like dust, pollen, pet dander, and VOC’s from getting into your home and polluting your air.  Just Call John’s. We’ll make you feel comfortable, all the way around.

3 Things to Consider with Commercial HVAC Installation

Monday, February 10th, 2014

Commercial HVAC units are a key part of your business space, providing comfortable working temperatures for your employees and a pleasant atmosphere for your customers. They’re designed to be modular and easily tailored to fit your office space: providing individual service to multiple occupants of the same building, for example, or to expand as your business grows. In Mesa AZ, heating repair services handle commercial HVAC systems as often as residential systems, and a faulty HVAC unit can cost you far more in lost business and productivity than you can guess. You can help yourself by preparing when you first set up your system.

Here are 3 things to consider with commercial HVAC installation:

  • Anticipate future needs. A successful business will add more operations and employees, necessitating a larger workspace which necessitates more heating and cooling potential. Keep that in mind when setting up your HVAC system and leave room to grow. The good news is that the modular nature of HVAC systems allows that to happen fairly readily.
  • Use the latest technology. Advance thermostats, zone control systems and other bells and whistles can be integral to keeping operating costs down. You don’t want your HVAC system to run when nobody’s there, but you may have parts of your operation that require conditioned air to function. (For example, computer hard drives which might overheat without a set temperature.) Advance upgrades can address that issue without forcing you to waste precious dollars heating or cooling unnecessary parts of your business.
  • Use professional installation services. An accredited installation service will ensure that you are spending your money wisely: offering a quality guarantee to ensure that the HVAC system works right the first time, every time. A fly-by-night service may save you money initially, but can cost you a great deal in inefficiency and unnecessary repairs

There’s a lot of things to consider with commercial HVAC installation and you need a partner who knows how to do the job. Johns Refrigeration handles Mesa, AZ heating repair issues of all varieties, and can put together an installation package that fits your needs. Call us today to set up a consultation!

3 Things that Happen During an Energy Audit

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Here in Mesa, AZ heating systems need to function at their best in the winter, when our desert temperatures can drop surprisingly low. One of the best ways to maintain the efficiency of your heater – and save you money on those monthly bills – is to schedule an energy audit every few years to see where you might be able to improve your heating efficiency. A trained expert arrives at your home to perform the audit: identifying spots where you may be losing energy unnecessarily, and then discussing possible options for correcting them. It helps if you know what to expect. Here are 3 things that happen during an energy audit.

  • Your home will be inspected. This includes hard-to-reach places like your attic and your crawlspace, which the ourMesa, AZ heating systems technician will carefully inspect for leaks and other potential problems.  He or she will also carefully check you heating and air conditioning system, checking to see how old they are and how well they run.
  • Tests will be run. This includes tests to find cracks around doors and windows, smoke stick and air hood tests to check air flow, and infrared camera tests to pin down any cold spots or similar places where your home may be losing energy. This can identify places when heat gets leeched out of your home, as well as location where air flow and air pressure can be gauged.
  • The technician will discuss your options. Once all the tests have been performed, the technician will point out his or her findings and make recommendations on the best way to proceed. It could involve anything from use weather stripping to seal up cracks around your front door to replacing your existing HVAC system with an entirely new one.

In Mesa, AZ, heating systems fall under the purveyance of Johns Refrigeration, which can perform energy audits on your home with professionalism and care. We’ll also explain the things that happen during an energy audit in detail, so there will be no surprises. Call us today to set up an appointment. We’ll help you save on energy costs and make your house as efficient as it can be!

HVAC Preventative Tips Follow-Up

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

When your home’s HVAC system runs well, it’s easy to not remember it still requires regular maintenance to continue running smoothly. As a homeowner, there’s a lot you can do to make sure you stay cool in your home during the middle of the summer in Phoenix and that you’re warm when it’s cooler outside.

Here are a few simple tips to try on your own:

  • Remember that people generate heat. So lower the thermostat a degree or two if you’re expecting family to visit during our mild Arizona winters or if you’re expecting to entertain a large group of guests.
  • Find the places where air can sneak into your home, including around outlet covers, and caulk or use weather-stripping around these areas, as well as around all entrance doors and windows.
  • Make sure fireplaces have tight-fitting dampers, which can be closed to keep cold winter air – or hot air in the summer – from entering your home when the fireplace is not in use.
  • You can prolong the life and increase the efficiency of your system if you regularly change your unit’s air filter.
  • Ensure there’s at least two feet of clearance around your outdoor unit for maximum air flow.
  • To assure proper air flow inside the home, don’t block vents or ducts.
  • A programmable thermostat will allow you to keep your home’s temperature constant and can easily be set to warm up the house in the morning during the winter or cool your house down before you get home from work in the summer.


If you’ve done the DIY stuff and still spend more than you like on heating or cooling your home, call John’s! We’ll make you feel comfortable, all the way around.

Why Is a High AFUE Rating a Good Thing?

Monday, January 27th, 2014

If you’ve shopped for a furnace, you’ve probably heard the term “AFUE” tossed around as a measurement of how good a given model is. A higher AFUE rating often means a higher price, and you might naturally wonder what exactly you’re getting for that additional cost. Here in Mesa, AZ, heating repair services can discuss the matter in detail with you, but we have a short version right here. Why is a high AFUE rating a good thing? Read on for the answers.

AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, and it’s a means of measuring your heater’s overall efficiency. To obtain the number, you divide the amount of energy the heater takes in to do its job by the amount that actually goes into heating the home. You’re left with a percentage rating, representing how much of the heater’s energy it actually uses for heat. The rest is lost to waste and inefficiency: energy that you have to pay for even though you don’t end up using it.

That’s why a high AFUE rating is a good thing. It speaks to the quality of the furnace you’re buying and can constitute real savings from month to month on your home energy bills. Say you have a unit that has an AFUE rating of 50% and another one with an AFUE rating of 90%. You need 50,000 BTUs to heat your home. With the first heater, you would need to generate 100,000 BTUs of energy for that 50,000 BTUs, while with the second heater, you’d only have to generate 55,555 BTUs. That’s a difference of almost 45,000 BTUs: almost double the amount of energy you needed to heat the home in the first place!

Apply that from month to month and you begin to see why a high AFUE rating is a good thing. You should ask about the AFUE rating any time you’re considering adding a new heater, or look for the EnergyStar logo which indicates ah ANFUE of 90% or greater in gas furnaces and 85% or greater in oil furnaces. For more information, to to schedule an installation session, the Mesa, AZ heating system repair experts at Johns Refrigeration are here to help. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation!

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