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Call for reliable AC replacement in Mesa AZ.
For AC repair in Mesa AZ, like us on Facebook!
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To schedule your Air Conditioner installation in Chandler AZ, just email us!
see what your neighbors say about the AC repair or installation we performed near Mesa AZ on Pinterest!
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For Ductless AC repleacement in Mesa AZ, watch our videos on YouTube.
John's Refrigeration is now hiring qualified Air Conditioner technicians in Gilbert AZ.
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Call for reliable AC replacement in Mesa AZ.
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We are donating $1000 to the organization that gets the most votes! Vote Now
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Blog Index 13

Blog Index 13

John’s Refrigeration Blog

Improving Indoor Air Quality with a New Unit

December 17th, 2014

There comes a time in the life of your HVAC unit that we have to recommend a new one. Don’t worry. We won’t surprise you. We will do everything we can with your existing unit in terms of maintenance and repair to keep it running efficiently as long as we can. The reality is that it’s a machine and machines wear out.

There is a good news. A new unit will improve indoor air quality.

  • New SEER ratings requirements effective January 1, 2015 make units more energy efficient than ever before. In addition to saving you money, the unit will also improve indoor air quality.
  • When you #JustCallJohns, you can expect that we will not only install the actual unit, but will also inspect and repair (if needed) the entire duct system of your home. It is estimated that as much as 20% of the air that moves through the duct system is lost to leaks and improper installation. We want to prevent leaks that cause pollen, dust, and other contaminants to enter your home.
  • Consider adding a humidifier to your air conditioning system to keep your home comfortable and your family healthy. When indoor air is too dry, it causes our mucous membranes to dry out and causes us to be unable to fight bacteria and viruses effectively. Very dry air can also exacerbate allergic reactions and chronic respiratory disorders like asthma.
  • Keeping a home sealed tightly can actually cause more problems than letting in some fresh air. The team at John’s Refrigeration will balance the air in your home to include some fresh air. They may also recommend a purification or air filtration system, especially if you’re prone to allergies and asthma. These systems will filter and prevent dust, pollen, and various allergens from getting and staying in your home.

A new unit is an investment in the health of you and your family that will not only keep you comfortable, but will improve indoor air quality. Contact us today to learn more.


What Does NATE Stand for and Why Is It Important to My Heating Repair?

December 12th, 2014

One of the most important things you want to do when shopping for a new HVAC company is look at their certifications. Certification by professional organizations is one of the best ways to tell if your HVAC company actually has the expertise to take proper care of your HVAC system. One of the most well-known HVAC certification organizations is NATE. Let’s take a look at what NATE actually is, and why you should care.


NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence, and is a non-profit certification organization. It was founded in 1997 with the specific purpose of providing verification of expertise to professional HVAC companies across the country. NATE does this through the administration of difficult tests to gauge the knowledge of HVAC technicians. There are multiple tests, covering a wide range of HVAC topics. These tests are not purely academic, and are instead designed to gauge the actual ability of the technician to address various HVAC problems in the real world

Why is it Important?

NATE is not the only way to tell if your HVAC company is trustworthy. However, it is a nationally recognized metric and is widely used because of its reliability. If you hire a company comprised of NATE-certified technicians, you can be assured of their expertise. If your HVAC company doesn’t employ NATE-certified technicians, you might want to ask why. From the company’s standpoint, there really isn’t a good reason to avoid certifying their technicians. Unless, of course, they aren’t as qualified as they should be.

When you have a need for any sort of heating or air conditioning repair, you want someone working on it who knows what he or she is doing. Having inexpert technicians trying to fix your heating or air conditioning systems can make the problem much worse and require multiple subsequent visits. That’s the last thing you want.

If you’d like to know more about how NATE works, and why we certify all our technicians, call John’s Refrigeration. We provide heating repair throughout the Mesa area.

Feel Better with a New Air Conditioner

December 10th, 2014

You’ve lasted another summer with your ages-old air conditioner, but you’re tired and want to feel better. You’re tired of the 100 degree days. You’re tired of being stressed about repair and utility bills. You’re tired of cleaning your home of dust that just won’t stay outside; it’s as if your air conditioning system is bringing all of it inside. Truth is, the amount of dust in your home may well be due to an outdated system and/or leaky ductwork.


At John’s Refrigeration, we do all that we can to repair and maintain air conditioners, but there comes a time when we just want you to feel better. If we’ve done all we can mechanically, we will recommend a new unit.

Less Stress. Stop worrying if your old air conditioner is going to break the bank and just get a new one! Older units can be repaired and maintained for a long(ish) period of time, but the fact of the matter is that it’s a machine. Machines get old and just weren’t made to be as energy efficient as newer models. The lack of efficiency is seen by you on that high utility bill that stresses you out on a monthly basis. Plus, we have a refund offer you can’t ignore!

Cleaner Home. Phoenix is a desert, making it the perfect place to live if you love to clean your home. And who likes to do that! Feel better when you’re spending less time dusting and vacuuming your home when you have a new air conditioner and air purifier. The air purifier will neutralize microbials at the source, keeping your home cleaner, smelling fresher, and less of a germ factory.

Improved Duct System. Not only will we install the new air conditioning unit, we will also check the duct system for leaks. Inefficiencies are often caused by poorly sized or leaky ductwork. We will recommend repairs as needed to make your home as energy efficient as possible.

If you’re done being stressed about your air conditioner, it’s time to Just Call John’s for a FREE ESTIMATE!

Why Consider a Ductless Heating System?

December 5th, 2014

Ductless heating systems may seem like an odd choice for heating your entire home. They take up wall space, can only heat one room at a time, and are less efficient than traditional heating systems in extremely cold climates. However, ductless heating systems have quite a few unique advantages over other systems when used to heat an entire home. Read on for some of the reasons why you should consider a ductless heating system for your home.

What is a Ductless System?

Ductless heating systems utilize heat pump technology move heat from one area to another. This is in contrast to traditional combustion systems, which burn fuel to generate heat. The ductless unit is split into two parts, an interior and exterior. The interior unit is installed in a room of the house, usually on the wall or ceiling, while the exterior unit is located on an outside wall. When the unit is turned on, the exterior unit uses an evaporator coil to siphon thermal energy from the surrounding air. That energy is then sent, via the refrigerant line, to the interior unit. The interior unit then uses that energy to heat and circulate the air in the room.

Why Should I Consider One?

As the name implies, ductless systems eschew ductwork completely. This limits each unit to heating just one room, which is why it has to be installed in that room. It may seem as though this is a disadvantage to using a ductless system. However, there are a couple of things to consider. First, each ductless system is installed with its own thermostat. This allows different rooms in the house to be set at different temperatures, conserving energy and letting each occupant choose a temperature that is comfortable for him or her.

The second thing to consider is energy efficiency. Centralized forced air systems lose as much as 30% of their heat on average to leaks in the ductwork. Ductless systems completely avoid this issue, delivering all of their heat to the target destination and saving money in the process.

If you’d like to know more about ductless systems, call Johns Refrigeration. We offer heating repair services throughout the Mesa area.

Reduce Indoor Dust and Five More Ways to Make Your Home Healthier

December 3rd, 2014

For about half the year, Phoenix, Arizona homes are closed to keep the air conditioning inside and the hot air outside. While this keeps us cool, it can also wreak havoc on allergies and asthma. Dust, pollen, and other contaminants can get into our homes through leaks in the duct system and unsealed doors and windows. Reduce indoor dust and you can reduce the allergies and asthma symptoms associated with unclean indoor air.


The team at John’s Refrigeration will come to your home and perform a whole home inspection to see where allergens are getting into your home and offer solutions such as a whole home air purifier, air humidifier, and sizing and sealing of the duct system.

Other ways to make your home healthier include:

  1. Carpets. Dust and other particles can get trapped in the carpets of your home, causing allergic and asthmatic reactions. The best option is to get rid of them and replace with tile or hardwood floors, especially in common areas. If you can’t do that, have carpets cleaned on a regular basis; every three to six months is ideal.
  2. Pets. If you have pets, you’re inviting allergens into your home. Dander, dirt, and dust can be causing breathing and other health problems. Before you decide Fido and Fifi have to be re-homed, try bathing them regularly and installing an air purifying system in your home that will trap dander and other allergens before they can make you sick.
  3. Shoes. Take your shoes off as soon as you enter your home. Ask guests to do the same. This will reduce indoor dust, bacteria, and environmental allergens that enter the home.
  4. Pests. No one wants to talk about unwanted house pests, but they are a reality, especially here in the desert. Wash your sheets and other bedding frequently and vacuum the bed to reduce the number of dust mites. If you see cockroaches, call an exterminator immediately. Cockroaches carry bacteria and disease and move as fast as three miles an hour, spreading germs throughout your home.
  5. Mold. Check under sinks and around windows for leaks that can eventually grow mold. As soon as you find mold, get rid of it, as it can cause a variety of breathing and other health problems.

If you’re worried about indoor dust and other allergens in your home, Just Call John’s for an inspection of your HVAC system including the unit and the duct system of the entire home. We’ll help you reduce indoor dust and keep you healthy!

3 Signs That You Need to Schedule Repairs for Your Heating System

November 28th, 2014

When is the last time you called a technician to look at your heating system? If it’s been a year or more, your unit is unfortunately at risk for developing problems that could result in a total system failure. Many homeowners don’t notice the signs of heating repair, or they are not aware that the behavior their heater exhibits is unusual or hazardous. We’ve put together a few of the most common signs that your heating system is in trouble, so you know what to look for in the future.

  • Short Cycling: Short cycling may be indicative of a couple of issues, but in any case it’s bad news for your entire unit. If your system turns on frequently only to shut off immediately afterwards, it could be due to an improperly sized system (which may need premature replacement) or a broken motor or faulty electrical component. In any case, it causes your system to become run down and requires immediate attention.
  • Low Airflow: If you’re not feeling enough airflow in your home, it could be because of a problem with the components of your heater or a dirty filter. Even after you change the filter, you should call a trained technician as well who can make sure it’s not actually a larger problem or an issue in the ductwork. Leaky ducts are a leading cause of low airflow and can lead to efficiency issues and a worn down HVAC system.
  • Strange Noises: If you hear strange noises from your home heater, you should always be suspicious. Any heating system makes a little bit of noise, but a loud banging or clanking noise, a hissing, or any sound that doesn’t seem quite right is nothing to brush off.

We recommend scheduling annual maintenance as well, so that you can keep such problems from reoccurring in the future. Maintenance involves a thorough inspection, cleaning, and a few adjustments of your heater before the heating season begins or toward the beginning of the season. Call Johns Refrigeration to learn more about maintenance or for quick repairs when you notice the signs that you’re in need of heating repair. Schedule repairs for your heater in Mesa with us today!

Will Thanksgiving Turkey Really Make You Sleepy?

November 26th, 2014

We’ve all heard it before: you feel so sleepy after a Thanksgiving meal because of the main event: the turkey. For years, people have credited extraordinary levels of tryptophan in turkey as the reason we all feel the need to nap after the annual feast. But contrary to this popular mythology, tryptophan is probably not he largest responsible party for your post-meal exhaustion.

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid, which means it’s something that our bodies need but do not produce naturally. Your body uses tryptophan to help make vitamin B3 and serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that sends chemicals to the brain to aid in sleep. But in order to get this essential amino acid, we have to eat foods that contain it.

Turkey has somewhat high levels of tryptophan, but so do many other foods, including eggs, peanuts, chocolate, nuts, bananas, and most other meats and dairy products. In fact, ounce-for-ounce cheddar cheese contains a greater amount of tryptophan than turkey. In order for tryptophan to make you feel sleepy, you would have to consume it in excessive amounts, and serotonin is usually only produced by tryptophan on an empty stomach.

The truth is, overeating is largely responsible for the “food coma” many people describe post-Thanksgiving. It takes a lot of energy for your body to process a large meal, and the average Thanksgiving plate contains about twice as many calories as is recommended for daily consumption. If anything, high levels of fat in the turkey cause sleepiness, as they require a lot of energy for your body to digest. Lots of carbohydrates, alcohol, and probably a bit of stress may also be some of the reasons it feels so satisfying to lay down on the couch after the meal and finally get a little bit of shut-eye.

If you feel the need to indulge in a heaping dose of tryptophan this year, go ahead! Turkey also contains healthy proteins and may even provide a boost for your immune system. Here at John’s Refrigeration, we hope your Thanksgiving is full of joy and contentment this year. Happy feasting!

Should we try what China is doing by fighting pollution?

November 26th, 2014

It has recently been reported that China has designs for towers that will filter air and water in highly populated and polluted cities. At the base of the towers are greenhouses that could, at least in theory, grow vegetation, including fruits and vegetables, throughout the year. It sounds good in theory, but should we try what China is trying by fighting pollution?

Maybe. Maybe not.

At this point, it’s just theory and a set of drawings. We, including China, don’t know if the tower will be worth the resources spent to create it. Resources that include the environment.

In order to make space for new towns and suburbs, engineers are suggesting that the tops of mountains would need to be sliced off in order to fill the valleys caused by the construction of the immense towers. That in and of itself has environmental implications beyond fighting pollution, including what would happen to the wildlife and ecosystem of these mountainous areas.


China’s air pollution is reportedly so bad that it is often compared to a nuclear winter. Crops are damaged and there is a real threat to their food supply. They, rather than the U.S., might be more likely to build the air and water filter towers.

Should we try what China is trying by fighting pollution?

Let’s look at the viability of creating a monstrous tower. In densely populated cities like New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, we would have to destroy private and public land to even have space for this type of tower. That alone would have environmental and political implications.

While there are places in the U.S. with poor air quality, no area comes close to a nuclear winter. So is it worth it – even if we can scrub our air and water clean – to build such a tower?

Maybe. Maybe not.

We’re not a government-controlled nation (like China) that can make blanket decisions for the people. The reality is that between politicians, businesses, and environmentalists, an air and water filtering tower is probably never going to happen.


And China hasn’t even built one yet so we don’t have a real case study to review.

Until someone else builds it, we don’t think it’s happening here. No matter how good it sounds in theory.

For more on this topic, please visit New Tool Fighting Pollution and Climate Change.


AC Efficiency: Don’t Let the Other Guys Fool You

November 19th, 2014

When it comes to the safety, comfort, and energy efficiency of your home, don’t let the other guys fool you into thinking they have the best deal or service for your AC efficiency. Do your homework. Ask questions. And choose an A/C company that is reliable, trained and certified, and focused on customer care. (HINT: That’s the team at John’s Refrigeration)


You get what you pay for

You’ve probably heard that phrase a number of times from a number of different people, but what does it really mean? It means that on the front end you might choose an HVAC company based on price and you end up having to call another company to fix the AC efficiency problem – either the original problem or a new one. John’s has a commitment to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction that influences every decision we make.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services, have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, a 2011 Angie’s List Super Service Award, and were awarded the 2013 Gilbert Chamber of Commerce Family Business of the Year award. In other words, John’s can back up what it says and is worth the cost.

Commitment to Service

We are dedicated to making the air in your home safe and comfortable for you and your family. We work with you until you are 100% satisfied with our work.

Our certified technicians will perform a complete inspection of the HVAC system so that we understand where there may be a need for repair in order to maximize your AC efficiency. We want you to be able to make an informed decision about the level of service we will provide to you.

The inspection includes the unit as well as the ductwork and can, as requested or as part of the Peak Performance Club, test indoor air quality and carbon monoxide levels.

Red Carpet Treatment

We understand HVAC work is a dirty job and we’re committed to keeping your home clean. Each time our technicians visit your home, they will literally roll out the red carpet and cover their shoes before entering your home. In the month of October, we covered our shoes with pink covers to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is just one of the ways we support the community.

Community Involvement

We’re active members of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce and our own Andrew John is a member of the Board at East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT).

Service is about more than a great price. It’s a commitment to customers and community. The next time you need an A/C professional, Just Call John’s. We’re here to help

How Does a Heat Pump Provide Heat?

November 14th, 2014

Your current heating system is finally on the fritz. It may have served you well over the years, but if it’s frequently breaking down, does not perform as it once did, and/or costs a lot of money to run, a new system may actually be of benefit to you. New heating systems are built to be far more efficient than they were a decade or two ago, as the U.S. government repeatedly sets new standards for HVAC efficiency. And if you think you may need a new air conditioning system as well, then you may be in luck. One of the most efficient heating systems available on the market today is also extremely effective for cooling.

The term “heat pump” is deceptive as it may sound like this is primarily a heating system. However, this is untrue; “heat pump” simply refers to a type of system that moves heat from one area to another. An air-source heat pump, the most common type of heat pump used in homes today, is actually more closely linked to an air conditioner, as it contains nearly all of the components therein. So how does a heat pump also help with heating?

First, let’s take a look at how a heat pump works for cooling. It contains the same components as an air conditioning system. Most notably, there is an outdoor and an indoor fan, the outside compressor, a condenser coil, and an evaporator coil. Refrigerant runs through the inside and outside portions of the heat pump, starting at the compressor, where it’s pressurized and heated so that it can release heat during condensation at the outside coil. Refrigerant then moves inside, where it evaporates and absorbs heat from the air, only to release this heat outside and continue the cycle.

The one component that differentiates a heat pump from a standard air conditioner is the reversing valve. This allows refrigerant to flow in the opposite direction. Now, refrigerant absorbs heat as it evaporates outside and heat dissipates into your house at the inside coil as refrigerant condenses. So what makes this unit so efficient for heating? Simply put, it takes a lot more energy to create heat, as most heating systems do, than to move it from place to place. Therefore, a heat pump can save you a whole lot of money in the heating season.

Call Johns Refrigeration to learn about more of your options for heating in Mesa, AZ.

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